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Frank is a composer and sound designer who draws from influences in electronic and global musics, as well as music from Miles Davis to Igor Stravinsky, to create a sound both ancient and futuristic. To achieve this, he gracefully integrates technology, natural sounds from the world of percussion, advanced modern harmony, and ancient modal musics, to create a form that is his own. His compositional style would make him an excellent choice for film and television scoring, as well as new music performance.

Listen to these samples (high speed connection suggested)

"One Small Step"
"Tabla 27"
"Pulsing Mother Earth"

"Landscape 1"
"Proof Of Life On Other Planets"
"21st Century"
"Who Ya Introducin'?"

All compositions ©Frank D. Fagnano. Any use without permission is strictly forbidden.
Contact Frank to inquire about scoring, performance opportunities or commissions.

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